How Far Would You Agree Nora Is a True Symbol of the Victorian Era

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How far would you agree that Nora was a true symbol of the victorian era? Throughout the duration of the play Henrik Ibsen takes the audience though a series of events that takes place in ‘The Dolls House’. We see how the patriarchal Victorian societies expectations, and the artificial environment that Nora has been bombared with due to the past, moulds her marriage with Torvald. Which ultimately leads to Nora to go against the conventions of a wealthy class woman in the Victorian society- in order to discover herself. But at the same time it could be argued that she abandoned her family in a paroxysm of selfishness at the end of the play. In the Victorian era women were expected to take care of the home and take care of the children and also tend to their husbands needs. ‘A room furnished comfortably and tastefully…’ automatically the stage direction gives a sense of the home being a place where Nora has decorated in order to give the home a sense of joy, comfort and shelter. But in contrast to this Helmer says ‘ …a home founded on depts and borrowing can never be a place of freedom and beauty’’. At this point Torvald is presented to have a strong view in
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