How Far Were Divisions Among Its Opponents Responsible for the Survival of the Tsarist Rule in the Years 1881-1905?

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The division among its opponents were both responsible and not responsible for the survival of the Tsarist rule in the years 1881 to 1905. Each party had played its part in the survival, both good and bad, whether they agreed in the aims fort supporting the Tsar or opposing against the Tsar. One of the parties to play a part in the survival were the Liberals, their aims being they wanted more power in the parliament and also wanting more political freedom. However the division between them of Octobrists and Kadets changed some of their aims, the Octobrists wanted more preservation of the Russian state while the Kadets wanted more change. Their split was due to the October Manifesto by the Tsar Nicholas II, when he said he was willing to share his political power, which to a group in the Liberals they saw as a breakthrough, becoming known as the Octobrists, believing that it would help in the constitutional development. However the Kadets, another group amongst the Liberals, saw the manifesto as a beginning of a political reform, wanting more change. This affected the Tsar's rule due to bringing more supporters from the Octobrists who were supporters of the Tsar. They were both peaceful parties in their methods with the exception of the Octobrists wanting supporting and Kadets wanting more freedom for Russian citizens. Overall in the Liberals party it was the Octobrists who would have the most effect on the survival of the Tsarist rule as they were supporters on the monarchy. Another of the parties to play a part in the survival of the Tsarist rule and to suffer a division were the Social Democrats. Their split played a big part as it was quite a big difference in opinion in the party. Their split was into two groups, the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. Their split was in 1903 when the leaders in the parties disagreed, Lenin leader of the Bolsheviks believed in
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