How Far Wer Louis Xvi's Problems Of His Own Making

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How far were Louis XVI's problems of his own making? The problems Louis XVI faced during his reign were partially due to his lack of leadership ability, his poor decisions and unwise actions. He created these problems by giving too much power to his nobles and hardly utilizing his power in his Divine Right. However, he did inherit an archaic system which was on the verge of collapse in Europe in general and the government of France had many inbuilt weaknesses already. He was faced with a tidal wave of new, enlightened ideas that was also fueled by France's involvement in the American war of independence. He was heavily influenced and judged by the actions of those close to him, especially his ministers and his wife. France was behind the rest of Europe agriculturally and in many other ways, military glory lacked at this time as well. All this was out of his control creating many of Louis problems. In the following I will explain to what extent Louis was responsible for his problems. For Firstly, Louis XVI made the mistake of restoring parlements to France in which members of the first and second estate could remonstrate his edicts therefore, effectively they could control his reign and only allow the edicts that suited themselves to be passed. He let venality run rife and the top positions in government were then filled with the self interested rich rather the the capable. Louis XIV had prohibited his nobles and clergymen from holding too much power and perhaps this is a reason for the problems Louis XVI faced in asserting his will. Though, Louis XVI did not posses much will, in fact he was a rather disinterested and undetermined leader. His neglect of large pressing matters in persuit of smaller intrigues led to the distraction and discouragement of his court. Without a strong, authoritarian leader to introduce reforms or to solidly stand by the monarchy
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