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How Far Was The Russo Japanese War Responisble Essay

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  • on April 15, 2012
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How far was the Russo – Japanese war responsible for the 1905 revolution?
The Russo- Japanese war was a major factor in igniting the 1905 revolution, however as a short term importance just like bloody Sunday. There are longer term factors such as political and economic and social causes which also play an important role in being responsible for the 1905 revolution. However the most strikingly important factor has got to be the political causes, followed closely by the economic and social causes then the Russo Japanese war and finishing in less important factor bloody Sunday.
The Russo – Japanese war was not the major factor of being responsible for the 1905, however it did play an importance in the running up of the revolution. With the Tsar and his advisors believing that his empire could easily crush an Asian country such as Japan and him ignoring Japans negotiation of the spheres of influence the war was announced. However the Tsar belief was wrong as in 1904 Japan lay siege on Port Author and for the rest of the year made the Russians re-treat. Also with the Japans having reinforcements and supplies just over the sea the Russians had 4,000 miles to get all this which caused distress. Because of this the Russians mood turned from patriotic to uncontrolled anger as the war lead to increased fuel and food shortages which increased prices and more importantly they could see more clearly how incompetent the government were, which made them start to ask questions and want things to change, which can be seen to start the uprising of the revolution as they started to doubt the tsar and started to move to the liberals.
The Russo- Japanese war does tie into the most important factor which has an argument which shows that it is the main factor for the start of the revolution is the political causes. This was more important than the Russo- Japanese war because although the war humiliated the Russian people and showed how inadequate the Tsar was when Alexander 111 died...

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