How Far Source 2 and 3 Essay

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In this essay I will see how far source 2 and 3 support the impression given in source 1, which is the way Bevan dealt with the medical profession in 1948. Source 1 is a cartoon published in punch magazine on the 21st January (punch is a sarcastic magazine) Source 2 is a letter written by Archibald McIndoe to a friend early in 1948.McIndoe was a leading surgeon. Source 3 is comments made by Bevan about the way in which he eventually gained co-operation of doctor. Source 3 fully endorses the views of source 1, in source 3 it say ‘’I won them over only by stuffing their mouths with gold’’ and in the picture is show Bevan stuffing their mouths with gold. Source 3 and 1 both portray the doctors as only caring about money and not about their conscience , even though they look disgusted to what they are doing they still are taking the money and not refusing backing up what Bevan said. Source 3 also suggests that the only way the doctors would agree with the NHS is by being offered money, in source 1 it shows no attempt to create a discussion on how the doctors and Bevan could come to an agreement Source 3 also disagrees with source 1 to some extent, because in the source it says ‘’I won’’ and by him saying won suggest there was some sort of competition because in competitions there is always one winner, and source 1 shows nothing of a competition between Bevan and the doctors, it also doesn’t show Bevan trying to win the doctors. Source 2 contradicts source 1 because in source 2 it says ‘’90 per cent vote amongst doctors against the Nation Health Ace, and tempers are rising on all sides, source shows no off the doctors tempers rising against it, they all look ashamed of what they are doing but the majority of doctors are in the queue the get more money, source 1 shows Bevan as a bully because he
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