How Far Is It True to Say That German People Were Increasingly Reluctant to Support the Nazi Regime Between September 1939 and Early 1943?

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How far is it true to say that German people were increasingly reluctant to support the Nazi regime between September 1939 and early 1943? From the September 1st 1939, the start of the war, loyalty was crucial to the Nazi regime in order to maintain the war effort back in Nazi Germany, especially until the point of early 1943, when they were defeated in Stalingrad. This question is difficult to answer as you can’t be certain whether or not people really supported the regime, or just pretended to, in fear that if they didn’t then they would be reported to the Gestapo. This is also makes the support the Nazis had difficult to measure as civilians may have just been ‘reluctantly loyal’, and in fact didn’t actually support what the regime were doing. The word ‘support’ in relation to the question, means to me that a particular social group conformed with the Nazi regime, with no protesting and no opposition, by early 1943. I will refer back to this when answering the question in relation to each social group. In Hitler’s ‘Decree on the conversion of the whole of the whole German economy onto a war footing’ of 3rd September 1939, Hitler imposed wage reductions and a ban on the payment of bonuses for overtime, Sunday work and night-shift working. This wasn’t met kindly with male workers among the labour force across Germany and therefore led to an increased level of absenteeism. This lead to a u-turn in October 1939, as wage levels were restored to their pre-war levels and the payment of bonuses was reintroduced. Early on, the Nazi decree was met opposition. However when workers were given back their normal wage, absenteeism stopped and the support came back. Therefore I believe workers didn’t become increasingly reluctant as they didn’t retaliate when there demands were met, it was a case of reluctant loyalty. So in relation to workers the answer to the question is
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