How Far Is It Advantageous to Sony Music in Being Part of an Oligopoly?

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How far is it advantageous to Sony Music in being part of an Oligopoly? To what extent are independent labels disadvantaged by this monopolisation of the music industry by the Big 4? One of the main advantages of Sony being part of an oligopoly is that the company can utilises Synergy. This has many advantages to Sony Music as a Company as it mainly increases promotion of its brand. This is good as it influences the public and Sony Music’s target profit to buy more products maximising profits as a result. This links to another advantage of Synergy as they are using most of their own brands in the project; whatever it may be, they appeal to a wider target market for example if Sony Music were to work on a movie project like Spiderman using Synergy they can use their subsidiaries (film studios, music labels, products etc.) appeal to audience in the electronics market, their film audience and their music audience further promoting their brand however in some cases the workload can be shared between two or more companies exploiting the strengths, like for example Sony Music would share their skills with Marvel when it came to the production of Spiderman. This is also another advantage as each company that co-operates with Sony Music and vice versa will receive skill and ideas to the project. Finally another advantage of Synergy is that it influences the public opinion which again further helps promote their brand but also if Sony Music influences the public they will use more of their products meaning Sony Music may dominate the market and the industry. This is the main reason Sony Music benefits from being part of an Oligopoly. However Synergy does have its disadvantages. For example in the Spiderman example there may problems between conflicting ideas between Sony Music and Marvel so Synergy is easier in theory than in practice so is therefore harder to achieve so
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