How Far Do You Agree That It Was Russia’s Economic Might That Enabled It to Win the Second World War? Essay

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There were four main reasons as to why Russia was able to win the Second World War: economic might, the bravery and hard work of its people, Stalin’s pragmatic domestic policies and the support of the Western Allies. It can be argued that although economic might was a significant factor to the victory, the support from the Allies meant that the German armed forces had to fight on two fronts, thus restricting Russia’s military role. They also provided economic help in the form of a Lend-Lease scheme, which was a necessity when it came to Soviet supplies. Economic might was an important factor in helping Russia win the Second World War. The Second Five-Year Plan had enabled military preparation, and by 1942, 50% of national income was being spent on the war (military production almost doubled between 1941-44). In addition, during the war Gosplan organised the relocation of Russian industry from areas under Nazi threat (1,523 factories had been moved by November 1941). This ensured that Russian industry could continue to produce goods. Economic might therefore played an important role in helping the country win the war, because without such a strong war economy, it would not have had the arms or industrial goods necessary to defeat the Germans. The Soviet people also played an important role. For example, the majority of men were away fighting, meaning that the women were left to make up a substantial proportion of the workforce – in some regions as many as 75% of workers were women. On farms, women were often required to perform tasks that had previously been performed by machinery and animals (pulled ploughs over fields). In factories throughout the war workers were expected to work 7-days a week, which shifts between 10-12 hours. In addition, workers were also expected to help agriculture during harvest season (work throughout the night). The Soviet people were

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