‘How Far Do You Agree That the Bolsheviks Won the Civil War Because They Controlled More People and Had Access to More Weapons?’

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‘How far do you agree that the Bolsheviks won the civil war because they controlled more people and had access to more weapons?’ Despite the diverse forces massed against the red army, the experience of the white leaders and the precarious position of Lenin, the communists still managed to gain victory in the Civil War of 1918-1921. The fact that the Bolsheviks had control of the heartland and therefore factories and supplies was an advantage to them. But on the other hand there were other factors such as good leadership, weak opposition and terror that helped just as much. I believe that the Bolsheviks controlling more people and having access to more weapons was a key factor in them winning the war. They controlled the industrial heart of Russia, which included Petrograd and Moscow, this also meant they had control of all the factories, and the railway lines. Control of the factories meant they were able to make more supplies such a weapons so they had a much easier access to them, and control of the railway networks meant that they could transport troops and supplies around. Petrograd and Moscow alone were home to 60 million people. Controlling big area’s made it a lot easier for the Bolsheviks to operate and defend their selves, unlike the whites who were dispersed and unorganized. To add to the advantage of their geographical position, Trotsky was extremely important in making sure the Red Army was organized and disciplined. He drummed fear into them through the choice of death or fighting, which made them obey his every order. Not only this but former Tsarist officers were employed to reinstate a hierarchical structure to the Red Army, resulting as them fighting as units rather then dispersed like the whites. This made them strong and difficult opposition in the civil war. The disunity of opposition was definitely a valid factor of the Bolshevik
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