How Far Do You Agree That the Struggle for Power Following Lenin’s Death in 1924 Was Caused by the Ideological Differences Between the Contenders for Power?

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The ideological differences between contenders for power had a little affect on the struggle for power following lenin’s death in 1924. The way that Stalin used the fact that the contenders for power had ideological differences against them and made sure they all were against each other is what had the most affect on the struggle for power following Lenin’s death in 1924. Stalin used his position as a general secretary, his opposition’s weaknesses against them and was smart about it as he did nothing that could make anyone question his aims. In this essay i will show how Stalin, with the help of Lenin, his position and his smart tactics had the most influence on the struggle for power following lenin’s death. With Trotsky being on the extreme left and Bukharin on the extreme right an alliance between them was unthinkable, which created a struggle for power. Trotsky argued that the NEP was economically and ideologically misguided while Bukharin supported the NEP. Bukharin believed in socialism in one country while Trotsky believed that no socialist society could exist alone. Trotsky and Bukharin had the most authority while Kamenev and Zinovev lost their authority while changing their positions from the extreme right to the extreme left. Ideology was crucial to the alliances that formed following Lenin’s death. Stalin on the other hand didn’t take any extreme position which made him more flexible and his ideas were welcomed on both sides. As Trotsky was the most likely to take power after Lenin, Stalin formed an alliance with Kameniv and Zenovev against Trotsky. Stalin made sure Trotsky missed Lenin’s funeral and most of the important meetings and thereby he had a little say of what was going on in the party. They also criticized Trotsky’s book and questioned his respect and love to Lenin. Trotsky was weakened and defeated as the congress condemned that
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