How Far Do You Agree That the Most Important Result of the Oppression Was the Strengthening of Stalin’s Political Dominance?

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How far do you agree that the most important result of the oppression was the strengthening of Stalin’s political dominance? The Great Terror had a profound effect upon the Communist Party and on Soviet society as a whole and it was most famous aspect of Stalin’s Russia. This terror grew from his paranoia and desire to be the absolute leader, and was enforced by the NKVD as well as his public show-trials. It developed into a terrifying system of labour camps (or gulags) and purges. Stalin’s oppression had many results including, but not limited to, the strengthening of his political dominance. The purges allowed Stalin to remove elements of the Party that he considered to be unsafe. It transformed Russia from a one party state to a totalitarian dictatorship, with Stalin as its unchallenged ruler, and resulted in him becoming the most politically dominant person in Russia. This is due to the fact that the population could not speak out against Stalin through fear of being sent to the Gulags, and neither could the rest of the communist party, as they feared being exiled or even executed. What’s more is that through the purges Stalin was able to publically establish the guilt and corruption of his opponents. The public show trials provided him with a way to present to the public that anyone who opposed Stalin did so out of corrupt reasons, as well as a way to divert the populations attention away from the economic failures. Everyone in connection with those he disliked within the party were arrested and forced to confess their crimes, while other less prominent members were killed outright and by expelling great numbers from the party and arresting people arbitrarily, fear became one of the main weapons Stalin used against the Soviet people, and played a key role in the strengthening of his position in the Soviet Union. The strengthening of Stalin’s political
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