How Far Do You Agree That Mussolini's Main Reason in Being Able to Gain Dictatorial Powers Was the Actions of the Elites and the Catholics?

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How far do you agree that the main reason that Mussolini was able to gain dictatorial powers was the actions of the elites and the Catholics? I believe that the actions of the elites and the Catholic Church were an important factor in the process of Mussolini gaining dictatorial powers in Italy, yet it wasn’t the main reason. The elites contributed to Mussolini gaining power as they were influential as did the Catholic Church, who put their faith in the wrong man. I believe that the main reason Mussolini was able to gain dictatorial powers was the Matteoti crisis. The Matteoti crisis put Mussolini in a very powerful position with a great excuse to keep the opposition out of parliament. Other factors such as the acerbo laws, legge fascitisme, control of the squadristi/ras and the role of the king. The actions of the elites and the Catholic Church contributed greatly to giving Mussolini the opportunity to gain dictatorial powers. The elites are a group in Italian society who had a lot of money and therefore power. For years under the liberal government the elites had benefited from the system of trasformismo. The trasformismo was a system whereby different prime ministers were appointed on a regular basis and political parties switched preferences constantly in order to help other parties come to power due to proportional representation. The Elites benefited from this system as they could manipulate the system in order to get what they wanted in order to help their financial situations. The elites saw Mussolini as just another trasformismo prime minister and that he would be out of power as quick as he came in, this allowed Mussolini to gain power as he needed to gain this powerful position in order to progress any further as without being prime minister he couldn’t establish a dictatorship. The elites gave Mussolini the initial power he needed and therefore they
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