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How far do you agree that the main reason why the Bolsheviks stayed in power Oct 1917 to 1921 was their victory in the civil war? I believe that Bolsheviks victory in the civil war was one of the reasons why they stayed in power. But the main reason was the leadership of Lenin. Lenin leaded the Bolsheviks to power and without him I believe this would have not happened. Finally, after two revolutions in 1917, one in March and one in October, the Bolshevik party took control of Russia, with Lenin leading the way. However, the next four years was going to be very troublesome for the Bolsheviks, and would lead to a huge Civil War. So the Bolsheviks needed a way to manage to stay in power against all the odds. One reason was the secret police, the Cheka. This 'police force' executed around 1,000 people every month, mainly because of their political views. This struck terror into the heart of all the anti-Bolsheviks, and that was what Lenin wanted. By doing this Lenin stopped the opposition from being able to fight back and this kept the Bolsheviks in power. As soon as Lenin came into power in October 1917, there were a few things that he had to do. Firstly, he held a national election, which did not give him good results. In this Constituent Assembly, formed on 5 Jan 1918, the Bolsheviks only won 168 seats out of a possible 700, whereas the Social Revolutionaries won around 370. Therefore, Lenin just ordered the Red Army to dismiss this parliament. The democratic system of Russia under the rule of Lenin had lasted only 24 hours. This kept the Bolsheviks in power because it showed how much support he had, and how stable a position he was in. Another reason for the Bolsheviks staying in power was because of Trotsky. He was appointed the head of the red army on 13th March, 191. Trotsky leaded the Bolsheviks to a win against the whites. Because of Trotsky expertise the
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