How Far Do the Sources Suggest That the Actions of Emily Davison at the Derby in 1913 Helped to Advance the Cause of Women’s Suffrage? (20 Marks)

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How far do the sources suggest that the actions of Emily Davison at the Derby in 1913 helped to advance the cause of women’s suffrage? (20 marks) Source 10 is an article from the paper 'The Times,' a paper known for being right wing (conservative) at the time. It briefly explains to us what happened at the derby, then goes on to what will happen from then on, briefly once again. It is said that the actions of Emily Davidson were 'desperate' and that it was a 'mad notion.' Straight away from these extracts form the first two sentences we can catch the tone of the article and where 'The Times' stand with this event. The article is clearly very unsympathetic with Emily Davison and what had happened, trying to give off that she was mentally insane. The source also questions how she could possibly have 'imagined' that it would help her cause. Now, this article clearly portraiys Emily Davison and The Suffraggettes as a bunch of lunatics. Despite the publicity gained from this particular newspaper being quite derrogative towards the suffragettes, publicity was gained. It could be said that this made people realise that the Suffragettes were prepared to go to great lengths for suffrage. However, in reality if this particular paper was the only paper that a person read, all they would gain from reading this article is the fact that the Suffragettes are immature, reckless and quite frankly idiotic people who most definitely could not be trusted with the vote. We have to take into consideration that this source is not typical, being a conservative paper, addmitting that the action was a leap forward for the Suffraggettes would be kicking themselves in the teeth. Source 11 is an extract from Christabel Pankhurst's autobiography (Emeline's sister.) Contrasting greatly with Source 10, this source presents the events as 'paying with her life' for a good cause (suffrage), a
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