How Far Do the Sources Suggest That the Addled Parliament Was Short-Lived Because of the Action of the House of Commons?

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How far do the sources suggest that the Addled Parliament was short-lived because of the action of the House of Commons? The sources suggest to a reasonable extent that the Addled Parliament was short-lived due to the House of Commons. However there is evidence to suggest that the Kings arrogance and strong belief in the hierarchical system that caused the dissolution of Parliament. Source 10 suggests the Commons wanted the King to make concessions, ensuring a stable relationship, showing that the Commons were disputing with the crowns policies, thus giving the impression that Parliament was short-lived due to the House of Commons’ actions. Source 10 says that the Commons were expecting the King to make concessions that should ‘be: relieving the resentment caused by purveyance, giving greater clarity to the law of treason and reforming troublesome laws” This source suggests that the Commons were undermining the King’s power and believing that their influence was greater than it was. Source 10 was proposed in 1612, before Parliament was re-established, this would suggest that the relations were already tense before James recalled them to gain subsidies as, as proposed by Sir Henry Neville, the Commons were expecting James to increase their political influence and accept a ‘middle way’, which the crown wouldn’t appreciate. The fact that the Source was proposed by an MP is likely to give an reliable account of the Commons expectation as it was directed at King James himself so Sir Neville would have been informing the King carefully of the course of action Parliament expected. Source 11 supports Source 10’s view in such that it suggests conflict was rife in this period as the Commons had “much difference of opinion” to the King which suggests that the Addled Parliament was short-lived as the Commons believed they had the right to argue. Source 12 gives the impression
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