How Far Do Sources 1,2 And 3 Suggest That The Main

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How far do sources 1,2 and 3 suggest that the main obstacle to solving the Irish national problem was religion? Source 1 is from the Fenians who were extreme nationalists and Catholics meaning the source is going to be bias from the Catholic point of view. It was issued in 1867 the same year Gladstone came to power. The source begins with a quote ‘An alien aristocracy seized our lands and all material wealth and trampled on our rights and liberties’. This source tell us that the Irish believed the English Protestants had no reason to be in Ireland and the only reason they were there was as an oppressive power. It also says they trampled on their rights and liberties meaning they took advantage of the Irish by charging them unfair rent and not paying them for improvements they made to the land. For example if they built a fence the landlord would not pay them even though it was needed to prevent the animals escaping. It then states ‘the real owners of the soil were removed to make room for cattle’. This tells us the Irish believe they own the soil because it was theirs before the English invaded. They then go on to say they want ‘universal suffrage’ which means they want everyone to have the vote not just Protestants. They end the issue by saying ‘We declare also in favour of absolute liberty of conscience and complete separation of church and state’. This tells us they want to get rid of the Monarchy and have a Prime Minister it also tells us they don’t want a united church but instead an independent church. They agree religion is a big obstacle in the Irish National problem but they suggest that land is a bigger obstacle. Source 2 is a letter written in 1874 by Colonel E.J. Saunderson, a former Liberal and critic of the Orange order to the Unionist MP
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