How Far Did the Role of Women Change During the 1920s? Explain Your Answer

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Before the 1920s women had barely any rights. They were unable to work, leave the house alone, wear which clothes they wanted to ect. They were always thought of as less than men and were not given any freedom. Women were unable to vote which shows how much respect was given to them. However after 1920 the role of women changed. After the 1920s women were given much more freedom. They were allowed to go out alone, work, were trousers ect. Flappers were introduced which showed that women were actually allowed more freedom. Flappers were outrageous party girls. In 1920 women were given the right to vote in the USA. This also showed us that more respect was being shown towards the women. A lot of women obtained jobs and worked for a salary. This was a huge step for women as it was the first time the were allowed to work with men. They were also allowed out of the house without and escort and were allowed on dates alone. They were also allowed to smoke in public which was nit allowed before. The new technology like washing machines and vacuum cleaners made life easier as it saved time and effort. Also the availability of contraception reduced the number of children in a family giving more choice in lifestyle and occupation. Also women were given more freedom on how the wanted to live and were also allowed to file a divorce. This allowed many women who were treated in a horrible manner to leave there husbands and become a free women. This is how the role of women changed in the good way during 1920 Yes women were given more freedom however they were still though of as less than men. Women that worked the exact same job as a man was paid half the amount because she was women. This showed that men were still though of as more valuable and women were not treated as equals. The change has a great affect on those women in town rather those in the countryside. This is
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