How Far Did Mussolini Succeed In Strengthening His

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Benito Mussolini became prime minister in Italy after marching on Rome in 1922. He then began to strengthen his new government between 1922 and 1930. He accomplished this to an extent by 1930 by; getting more fascists into government and into more key positions, lessening the political opposition he faced and could face in the future, gaining more power by taking it from the King, gaining popularity amongst the people and, using his new legal abilities to pave the way for his government in the future. Getting more fascists into the government was extremely important because; when he came to power in October there was only four fascists within the government, which meant Italy could not develop into a fascist state due to the limited number of fascists. Mussolini used changes in the law to strengthen his grip on Government in Italy. In December the Fascist Grand Council was created.This council was given a lot of power over the government in Italy such as; the power to elect fascist party deputies, the power to elect the heir to the throne and successor of the prime minister. This therefore secured the fascists hold over government, even if Mussolini resigned or was voted out. The black shirts were made into an official militia, giving Mussolini more power to control the streets and therefore the people. The Civil Service of Italy, which ran the country’s affairs, was gradually filled with fascists so there was no obstruction to Mussolini’s policies. The most important change that led to a more fascist government was the introduction of the Fascist Grand Council, as it gave a lot of political power to the fascist party. Lessening and removing as much political opposition as possible, was another key step towards strengthening this new government. The Acerbo Law in 1923 meant that any political party that was the largest in elections automatically got two-thirds of
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