How Empathy Helps People in Their Life

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How empathy Helps people in their life Sometimes, people experience understanding another person`s condition from their perspective like placing one person to another person`s shoes, and understanding the feelings. This situation is explained as empathy is known to increase helping behaviors. Also, the meaning of empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being Nowadays, there are two main kinds of empathy known as; cognitive empathy regulated by higher brain functions, and emotional empathy which can be defined as when we feel other people's feeling as if they do our feelings. The first kind of empathy is cognitive empathy which can be described as knowing feelings of somebody, and feeling what the people are thinking about. This type of empathy called cognitive helps people while they are in a negotiation or motivating people. For example, according to a study at the University of Birmingham found that managers who are got at perspective taking were able to move workers to give their best efforts while they are making their jobs. In addition to that, if a person could know the person`s thoughts during negotiation, it helps about stating what they want, and what can be enough for deal. For instance, one goes to a car dealer, and looking for a good condition and cheap car, then he likes one car, and start to Caglayan 2 bargain with the dealer. Surely, because of the fact that dealer wants to take more money, when one asks the price of the car, dealer says higher price than he can accept to sell, but if the buyer would guess the price using cognitive empathy, buyer could buy
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