How Economics Affects My Life Essay

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How Economics Affects My Life Samantha Mitchell Jessie Martinez Econ 2214-02 December, 5th 2011 From the performance of a bank to the demand of its resources, economics plays a big factor in many different aspects in a bank. Today I will share with you a few of these aspects and how the demand for my position is affected directly. Since November 2008 I have been employed at the Bank of Zumbrota, as a Teller. My job description is as follows ….. It is because of my experiences at work that I chose Accounting as my major. Our Investment Representative, Michelle helps people make decisions about their investments. She helps with people their retirement plans, business retirement plans, mutual funds, insurance, and annuities. An annuity is an investment that has a fixed return for a fixed period or for the life of the recipient. Two examples of annuities are stocks and bonds. There is always the debate about what is better to invest in when it comes to bonds and stocks. Stock is a share or shares of ownership of a corporation. People who own stock are called stockholders, and are essentially the owners of the corporation. The dollar amount assigned to each share of stock is called a par value. Stock can be issued with or without a par value. When you own stock to a company there are major rights that come along with this ownership. You have the right to vote in matters concerning the corporation, to share in distribution of earnings, and to share in assets upon liquidation. Assets are things that you own and liquidation is when you turn these assets into cash. Works Cited Cebula, Richard, James Koch, and Robert Fenili. "The Bank Failure Rate, Economic Conditions And Banking Statutes In The U.S., 1970-2009." Atlantic Economic Journal 39.1 (2011): 39-46. Business Source Premier. Web. 23 Nov. 2011. Warren, Carl S., James M. Reeve,

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