How Dungy Changed My Life

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Martin Luther King Jr. spent a lot of time away from his family. Most men or women who accomplish big achievements professionally sacrifice a lot of family time. As far as we know, Dungy's family is not in crisis. Yes, he had a son commit suicide. But it's nearly impossible to pinpoint the cause of suicide, and you can never predict how anyone will react to death. Dungy's situation -- as best we know -- is different from Andy Reid's situation. Reid's sons have drug problems, owned weapons, sold drugs and a judge called the Reid home a "drug emporium." I'm not suggesting that Dungy is a better father than Andy Reid. I have no clue. I'm saying that media scrutiny of Reid and Dungy should be different because on the surface the situations are drastically different.…show more content…
I've changed my mind. Dorsey's technique, particularly his lack of use of his hands, disappointed me. I came away from the game thinking, "This is what Ryan Sims must've looked like in college." 2. Bill Simmons, ESPN's "Sports Guy" columnist, and I have been sharing much dialogue about season 5 of "The Wire." We disagree about the best scene in the history of the show. The truth is no one — with the possible exception of David Simon — has watched every episode of "The Wire" as many times as I have. Simmons, my favorite sports columnist, isn't qualified for this debate. With that in mind, I offer the top 10 scenes in Wire history: 1. Avon and Marlo's sitdown at Jessup: Avon's dialogue is magnificent, and Marlo's body language is just as powerful. 2. Bodie and Poot killing Wallace: made me cry; saddest scene in TV history since Kunta Kinte took a beating for failing to answer to Toby. 3. Randy and Sgt. Carver at the hospital: Randy cried out as Carver walked out after failing to keep his word. 4. Omar and Levy at Bird's trial: I got the gun; you got the briefcase, explaining their roles in the drug
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