How Does Work Shape and Influence Our Life?

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What is the definition of work? It can be a blessing to most and a curse to others. Everyone has their own way of describing work. Hard work can change a person’s life, motives, and even personal relationships. Without work, there would be no income, and without income there would be no way to support yourself or your family. Having a good job guarantees clothing, shelter and food on the table for one’s family. However, there has to be a work-life balance so that the effects of work influence our lives positively. A person’s career can influence his life greatly depending on the type of job it is. The better job and hard work will eventually lead to “the good life.” In “Serving in Florida”, Barbara juggled two different jobs. Her schedule was packed and she hardly had time to eat in peace. She worked very hard from dawn to dusk, however, she disliked both her jobs. She could hardly support herself and she got worried when she saw the two and three-digit bills (Ehrenreich 179-186). Even though she tried fighting till the end, she had to finally give up. O’Keefe, too, did not like her job and compared herself to the minimum wage employees. When she got unemployed from the perfect job, it changed her life and she started sympathize with people who were in same position as she was (O’Keefe 206). In contrast to her situation, O’Keefe’s step father found two good jobs and was successful at both. He sold bras and slips to stores and with the money he was able to support his family and their wants and needs (O’Keefe 208) When Wal-Mart became his competitor; he had to stop selling undergarments and had to come up with a new plan. He did not give up though; he moved on and gained a real estate license. He “found a new life as a highly successful broker” (O’Keefe 208). This shows that with a better job, one can gain a better life. Hard work, commitment, and a positive

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