How Does the Times Newspaper Compare to the Sun? Essay

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How does “The Time’s” news article compare to “The Sun”? There are many ways in which these two newspaper articles compare. The first most important difference which these two newspaper articles share is that The Times is a broadsheet newspaper and the sun is a tabloid newspaper. The Times mostly focuses on very informative manners such as politics and goes into great detail. It also presented as very formal and includes a lot less adverts than a typical broadsheet newspaper. The Sun however contains mostly celebrity gossip which is easy and enjoyable to read. I am going to use a newspaper article from each newspaper company to compare and contrast the main differences. The first thing which must be taken into consideration when comparing and contrasting these two newspaper articles is the audience in which both news paper’s target. The Sun typically targets a less intelligent demographic and mostly the working class. The Times however, targets a more intelligent demographic and people of a higher working class. This has a big influence on each newspapers outcome as the format of each article will be suited accordingly for the proffered reading of the target audience. Both newspaper companies have released an article focusing on Barrack Obama and Beyoncé’s appearance in the white house. There are major differences which can be noted on initial inspection of the two articles. The Sun’s interpretation of the event is displayed a lot differently to that of The Times’. The first thing which can be noticed is the difference of each article’s headline. The Sun says “Beyonce nails it (and Obama not bad, too)” this contains a pun which creates some amusement for the audience, while The Time’s says “Equality for all, says Obama as he conjures up new American dream”. As you can see, The Sun is focusing heavily more on Beyoncé than Obama as the headline mostly revolves

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