How Does The Study Of The Nervous System Help Us t Essay

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How does the Study of The Nervous System Help us to Understand Behaviour The Nervous System (NS) helps us to understand a number of behaviours both in humans and in animals, based on the organisms' biology. Physiological behaviours such as sleep and biological rhythms; fight and flight responses in reaction to stressful situations; motivation and emotion; and even abnormal behaviour, can all be understood by looking at the NS. Neuroscience is the branch of Bio-Psychology within which the NS is studied. As Pinel (1993) states “biopsychology’s unique contribution to neuroscientific research is a knowledge of behaviour and the methods of behavioural research.... the ultimate purpose of the NS is to produce and control behaviour”. However the NS can not be used to explain all human behaviour for example personality, the non physiological side to emotions and the levels of consciousness, or various social phenomena. Humans have a very specialized and complex body that has evolved over time to suit our needs and lifestyles. Therefore bearing this biological complexity in mind, we need some kind of internal operational system to help us control it. This is the function of the NS, without it our bodies would not function adequately to our requirements and would be of little use. Furthermore the type of NS we have will determine the extent and nature of our learning abilities. As humans have evolved behaviour has become increasingly voluntary and less reliant on instincts, unlike the NS of animals which is much less complex. Another biological factor that is responsible for manipulating and controlling behaviour is the Genes and DNA that certain organisms possess. These are the biological blueprints, inherited from ones fore bearers, which determine behaviour and characteristics. Through genetic implants, engineering and specialized breeding, behaviours such as

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