How Does the Opening of Chapter 5 Represent a Shift of Tone of the Novel in Lord of the Flies?

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Golding represents a shift of tone in the novel at the beginning of chapter 5, through the novels’ protagonist, Ralph, the chapter opens with Ralphs questioning of the life he currently knows compared to his previous one, he re-evaluates the situation suggesting his growth in maturity compared to the other boys. He recalls the journeying on the first day; ‘remembering that first enthusiastic exploration as though it were a brighter childhood’ the way Golding displays Ralphs thought process leads us to believe that Ralph has become old before his time, he says ‘remembering’ and ‘childhood’ as if he has grown up too quickly and shed himself of his childhood nature by reminiscing on what used to be his childhood but suggests that he has now outgrown it. Moreover where Ralph thinks of the ‘first enthusiastic exploration’ it is described as being a ‘brighter childhood’ this implies that this life now is not longer bright as his childhood has come to an end. Ralphs newfound maturity and wiser sense, is also shown when he internally thinks of himself as a specialist in thought , Golding writes ‘Ralph was a specialist in thought now and could recognize thought in another’. Ralph is less narrow minded than he used to be, and see’s past piggy’s physical attributes and respects the fact that piggy, however physically impaired he is, is clever, and he acknowledges that and looks beyond himself now. This shows a change in the tone of the novel, as we see how Ralph has outgrown the thought of wanting to have fun on this island, and the excitement of no adults, it becomes more realistic and raw as he soon understands the ‘wearisomeness of life’ he has taken the role of an adult and it is no longer his desire to be the boy who stood on his head when he was happy, because he has a greater understanding of life. Golding’s intentions of the adaption Ralph has had to undertake are

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