How Does the Narrator of Year of Wonders Effect the Reading of the Novel?

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How Does the Narrator Of Year Of Wonders Effect The Reading of The Novel? Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks novel of devastation set in the village of Eyam in 1966, the narrator, Anna Frith, has a large impact on the reading of the historically fictitious novel. The tonewhich the narrator takes is both harsh and honest. The fact that the reader is exposed to a female soutlook throughout this time of peril in Eyam allows for an unfair biased. Finally, Firth's position insociety also creates a distorted reading of the text.Anna Firth's acrid and candid tone and use of language throughout the narrative has an ampleinfluence on the readers apprehension to Brooks novel. Anna's tone and gruesome attention todetail as George Viccars lay with his head pushed to the side by a lump the size of a new bornpiglet, a great, shiny, yellow-purple knob of pulsing flesh Anna's harsh and raw language makes thereader cringe and feel sympathetic towards Viccars untimely and painful demise. Anna's descriptiveanecdotes are once again seen in her telling of Josiah Bont's excruciating death as he begged in vainfor mercy and howled like a trapped animal where the dagger cleft his skin. It may also be noted,from this quote, Brooks play on words as she describes Josiah like a trapped animal possibly inreference to his inhumane actions throughout the novel and being trapped into doing terrible thingsby the poverty the plague had caused in the village. As the protagonist of the tale Anna's tone of voice and depiction of fellow characters are forced upon the reader, for example we feel distancedtowards Josiah as Anna had never heard a word of praise from her father's lips. Brooks intentionsfor this are quite clear; this subliminally causes the reader to take on Anna's beliefs and convictionsof each individual character and towards the tragic events of the plague. As Anna shows distancetowards
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