How Does Swift Use Satire In A Modest Proposal

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Paul Hogan Ben Fuqua English 1102 February 8, 2013 Insane Solutions Jonathan Swift and Philip Larkin are both experienced poets who wrote the works “This Be The Verse” and “A Modest Proposal”. These two works both comment on issues about humans. Swift was criticizing a certain group of people while Larkin was targeting every person on earth. Swift was trying to change the political climate of his day and make influential benefits for his homeland. Larkin was trying to solve an issue that plagued every living person on the earth. Both of these works are satires. However, they go about their mocking in different fashions. Swift was mocking the Irish through a well-defined argument whereas Larkin was mocking everyone with the use of the…show more content…
He was mocking how many illogical and impractical plans were proposed by the Irish government. They were attempting to pass these plans in order to improve the welfare of the people. Swift proposed this illogical plan of raising babies and eating them in order to relieve the economic trouble of the country. Swift uses satire in an almost practical way by supporting his plan with points that make it seem logical and beneficial to the country when in reality it would completely destroy the country. Swift uses satire to point out a problem and then assert an insane and illogical fix in order to cure it. He uses arguments such as it’s a commodity everyone can produce in order to defend his plan. Swift says that the meat of these children could be sold in taverns like beef and it would be easily produced even by poor people. This plan is insane just like Larkin’s…show more content…
Larkin aimed his poems and every single person whereas Swift targeted the Irish specifically. Larkin comes up with a solution to the problem of fault and sin in his satire but does not defend it. He simply says that parents must not have kids. Swift presents a solution and defends it with reasonable arguments. Swift is also targeting an audience that he believes is ignorant. He is mocking the politicians of Ireland and how they are creating illogical plans to bring Ireland out of the debt crisis that it was in during his time period. Swift was simply providing another plan to help alleviate Ireland of this debt. Swift and Larkin may both be writing satires however they are not approaching these in the same fashion. Larkin points out a problem and offers a solution but does not defend it because it is an insolvable problem and does not have a solution. His solution would end mankind. However, in offering this completely insane solution he is saying that there is no solution to this problem and that people are just going to have to live with their faults. Swift creates an illogical plan to solve the economic problems of Ireland. He is also to use valid arguments to defend it. He makes his argument seem valid even when it is completely illogical and somewhat horrifying. This is how Swift mocks the Irish people by providing a horrifying solution that makes sense because he thinks they are so

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