How Does Steinbeck Show The Significance Of The Dr Essay

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How does Steinbeck show the significance of the dream for different characters? Steinbeck shows the significance of the American dream by comparing the different characters and their own dreams. I will be writing about George, Lennie, Candy, Curley's wife and Curley's dreams and the significance of them. I am also going to be focusing on The American dream' and how it is very similar to all of the characters. In the end both dreams are lost as Lennie kills Curley's wife and George kills Lennie. George and Lennie plan to build up their wage and buy some land and a cottage and live off the land. When they are feeling downcast Lennie asks George to tell them the story of what they are going to do in the future. Lennie loves tending rabbits and he always is asking George to tell him what they are like. The American dream is set in the great depression of the Wall Street Crash. Many men went around looking for work in the country. They went from ranch to ranch with no family and no friends. Only a few of them had dreams. Candy is a old swamper who works on the ranch. He lost his hand on the same ranch and has claimed a lot of compensation for it. He had no dream until George and Lennie turned up. He accidentally over heard Lennie and George speaking about it while he was in bed and asked if he could join them. He also said he would put all his money towards it. Candy also gets on with both of them and likes Lennie although Lennie has problems. Curley's wife lives with curley on the ranch. She is the only woman there and gets very bored. Steinbeck shows this by writing how she flirts with the other men. As Candy says”she got the eye”. Curley's wife used to have a dream. She met a Hollywood film director and he said she was a natural so when he got back he would send her a letter.She never received the letter. She always thought her Mum stole the letter.

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