How Does Steinbeck Present Society in of Mice and Men?

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How does Steinbeck present society in Of Mice And Men? Steinbeck uses sexism to present ideas of society in Of Mice And Men as this was an important issue during the 1930’s. In section 2 in OMAM Curley’s Wife is introduced and is presented as a tart by the other workers. “She’s gunna make a mess. They’s gunna be a bad mess about her. She’s a jailbait all set on the trigger. That Curley got is work cut out for him. Ranch with a bunch of guys on it ain’t no place for a girl, specially with a bunch of guys on it” this quote shows that George is being sexist towards CW as he says that living on a ranch is no place for girl. This is sexist because he believes that she shouldn’t be on a ranch as it should be a place only for men. Also, he says she will cause problems just because she is the only woman there. The word ‘jailbait’ In the 1930’s was a sexual connotation that is very sexist in the way George uses it. This insinuates that CW is not equal to the workmen, as she is believed to be weak willed and a troublemaker. Steinbeck uses short sentences to create tension among the bunkhouse as George is sending a message across to Lennie that CW is dangerous and nasty to be around. CW is treated in a sexist way, as this is shown in her name. The name Curley’s Wife insinuates that she is of his possession and of his control. This shows in the quote: “you guys seen my wife?” this entails that CW is his responsibility. The word ‘my’ emphasises the fact that she is his possession. Another interpretation would be that CW doesn’t have a name as women were seen as inferior. Therefore needs to deserve a name. This links with sexism in the 1930’s as women were the inferior and the weaker sex. This is because women were not cut out for jobs like working on a ranch like the other workmen, and therefore were seen as incapable.
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