How Does Starbucks Employ Its Human Resources Policy? Essay

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Starbucks Coffee How does the business employ its human resources policy? Give particular reference to recruitment, selection, training and development. "Starbucks Mission Statement includes the commitment to treat its employees with respect and dignity, and to be a force for positive action in the community in which it does business. To this end, Starbucks is committed to support and uphold the provision of basic human rights and to eliminate discriminatory practices. Starbucks respects the inherent dignity of all persons, and seeks to enable all employees to do their best work by embracing and valuing the unique combination of talents, experiences and perspectives of each employee." "Being a Starbucks partner means having the opportunity to be something more than an employee. The possibilities for you to grow as a person and grow your career are endless. To live the Starbucks mission and to be a leader. We offer the opportunity to be connected to something bigger, and become the very best you can be." Recruitment and Selection (for retail): An application form must be filled out and taken to the store. If they have a vacancy and the applicant meets their criteria, there is a phone-call interview at first and then a face to face interview. The next stage is an invitation to spend time in-store to complete an ‘on the job experience’. The applicant will spend two to three hours with the store team, carrying out the type of duties they may face daily in the role. If successful, there is an interview with one of the resourcing specialists and the specific manager hiring for the role. If they like what they see then a job is offered. Training and Development: * Starbucks is admired and revered for its training and development programs. They recognize that expensive coffee requires more than just taste, it has to come with a superior and consistent

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