How Does Sound Influence Characterization

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How does sound influence characterisation in Medea with special reference to Jason? Our group was inspired by one of the theatre process workshops, Objects’ dramaturgy, by Alexa. This included us working together with various objects and forming sequences whilst being directed by Alexa. We were intrigued by the sounds created by using the objects in an unconventional manner and we found this workshop inspiring, leading us to focus on this in particular during our investigation. Our group focussed on how sound influences the dramatic impact of the actor. The group was very enthusiastic although every group member was keen that we experimented with their idea, and before execution, we did not agree clearly on our aims and objectives – that is, what kind of outcome we were hoping or expecting to produce. We agreed that we wanted to support and influence the characterisation of Jason through sound, yet we did not discuss in detail our different interpretations of the character or the monologue itself. However, through the process of experimentation and play, we gradually refined our investigation. During our discussions, one member of our group mentioned that we were approaching the use of sound in an unorthodox manner. When questioned, they replied by stating “that sound design is a tool to support the performance; whether it is supporting the narrative element of a performance or setting a specific atmosphere”. We came to an agreement that the statement made was valid and, generally, sound is used in response to the director’s and actors’ interpretations of a play or a part of it. We were doing something quite different. We wanted to turn the roles of the performance and sound design around. The statement made earlier lead me into my own research involving the subject of the use of sound in entertainment. When searching for evidence to support my group
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