How Does Socialization Affect Me

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how does SOCIALIZATION AFFECTS ME” What is a nation without socialization? How does socialization affect the well being in every community throughout the world? I believe socialization is a key factor that makes every person unique. Three major ways in which socialization affects me are with my peers, family, and in relationships. The first way socialization affects me is my peers. My peers influences is greater that any or source of socialization. My parents played a major role in teaching me basic values and the development of desire to achieve long-term goals. All the years I have been around my peers I have learned the lifestyles issues, such as appearance, social activities, and dating. When I was in the stage of how my appearance looked I stayed dressed all the time, because I didn’t want anyone judging me. Going to social activities such as dances, football games, and other things was a very big challenge. That was the most challenging thing ever, because my parents were not there to tell me what to. I would socialize with my peers and have lots of fun. Not only that talking to boys and going on dates. Having my parents brings me to the movies to meet my boyfriend or just a friend was very scary. I was very afraid that my parents would not like whoever I was dating or talking to at that time. Being with my peers was a valuable social support for me, because I was moving toward independence from my parents. That was a big step being independent on my own not being with my parents all the time. I had to things for myself, but if had question about anything to just ask them. My parent’s life experiences helped and accumulated wisdom preparing me to meet the requirements of life in society. Peer groups in society today have a lot of violence, drugs, and other bad things. My high school I graduated from Washington Marion High School has changed in many

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