How Does Social Media Affect Society

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The world goes around the sun one time each year. During that year, there are 365 sunsets and sunrises. This world contains approximately seven billion people. Each of whom will have a different look, different fingerprint, different socioeconomic statuses; each person living a different life in nearly every aspect.We are all undeniably different in every way possible. This world and these people are strung together by a single ‘web’: The Internet, exemplified by the powerful connection of social media. Social Media connects the world as a whole, combining real life and real-time events with an efficient way to socialize with the people close to us. Out of the approximately seven billion people, it can be assumed two and a half Billion will have a social media profile within the next year. These social media platforms have created an online culture and a connection unlike any other. With the influx of users of social media within the last decade skyrocketing, use of social media is continuously changing. As people, specifically teens and young adults start using it often, use of social media has the potential to cause psychological harm.…show more content…
Psychological harm among users of social media is not due to the connection in most cases; it lies within the excessive use of social media. A study by McMaster University found high rates of problematic internet use in most college-aged participants and linked the higher use of internet and social media to indicating other mental health issues. This study surveyed 254 students at the university using the IAT (Internet Addiction Test) as well as a newer scale of the researcher, Professor Michael Van Ameringen’s

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