How Does Shc 31 Promote Communication In Health And Social Care

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SHC 31 1 People will communicate for different reasons to tell you about their emotions, opinions, feelings, religious beliefs and even pain that they may have. The way they communicate could be on a professional level which would be formal or on a personal level which is informal. Any information you receive should be recorded in a care plan for example as this information can be used for legal reasons. All written and verbal communications between staff should be kept confidential to protect people under your care. Communication between colleagues is important as it keeps them up to date to any changes that may occur with people in your care. Good communication In your work place is essential, as it builds a trustworthy environment…show more content…
Reduce noise, move to another room. Adapt to there medical conditions Use lights or curtains make the environment comfortable. 3.4 To prevent misunderstanding in communication you will need to speak slowly and ask if they understand you, write things down for them. Certain situations you may be required to deliver bad news, have a colleague with you to act as a witness and to offer support. If you are in communication with people with learning difficulties keep ask them at regular intervals if they understand you and what you are telling them is clearly understood. 3.5 You can access support with communication through dedicated support groups, these groups can offer an effective way of communication for example sign language and lip reading. Support groups can be contacted through your line manager or by a GP. 4 4.1 It means privacy a person has the right to ask that some personal information e.g. address, medical data, private meaning that nobody is allowed to access this data unless the owner of the information says so or unless a court says that it is vital to the

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