How Does Shakespeare Use Representation of Speech and Other Dramatic Techniques to Convey Iago’s Feelings Towards Othello in the Extract and in One Other Episode Elsewhere in the Play?

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How does Shakespeare use representation of speech and other dramatic techniques to convey Iago’s feelings towards Othello in the extract and in one other episode elsewhere in the play? Question 08 June 2010

Shakespeare presents Iago’s feelings towards `Othello in the play, through numerous images and explicit lexical choices. In addition to the printed extract, I will look at the last part of Iago’s soliloquy at the end of Act 1.

In this text, Iago recounts a story as to why he detests Othello. He recalls when Othello passed him over promotion for the position of lieutenant. He sarcastically describes Othello as pompous, “Loving his own pride and purposes”, as he used military language to deliver the message that he has already chosen another man. “Horribly stuffed with epithets of war”. The rhetorical question Iago’s uses, “And what was he?” Prepares him to delve further into why he despises Othello. Iago believes that Othello has greatly misjudged choosing “Michael Cassio”, over him, as Cassio is a “Mere prattle without practice”.

Throughout this extract Iago dominates through sheer volume of words it only begins as a typical conversational pattern, then Iago dominates the text with his lengthy speeches.

Shakespeare uses metaphors to make a contribution to the dramatic impact of this verse. For example, Iago uses the metaphor of a ship “blee’d and clam’d”. A ship is “bleed and calm’d” when the wind is taken out of it’s sails, and this reflects how Iago feels at being passed over promotion by Othello.

Furthermore, reiterating the point that Iago displays utter contempt for Othello, Iago states that he has to continue with being his “Moorship ancient.” Iago here has used a pun on the respectful word “worship”. His pun mocks both Othello’s race and character.

Possibly the only point throughout the play, where Roderigo is perceptive, is where he
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