How Does Shakespeare Use Language to Present the Character Lady Macbeth?

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Language is used by Shakespeare in a number of ways throughout the play to present the changing character of Lady Macbeth. Instantly Lady Macbeth is introduced through her language and actions to the audience as a powerful key figure. Firstly, charming and devoted to her husband later driven only by ambitious which is her downfall. My essay will focus on these devices of language: metaphors, imaginary, symbolism to answers the question set. Shakespeare use of language shows that her devotion towards her husband is short lived as she soon comes across as being annoyed that her husband Macbeth isn't quite "man enough" to do what it takes to be king. According to Lady Macbeth, her husband is "too full o' the milk of human kindness". This suggests that he is a man who prefers to weigh the pros and cons rather than rushing in. Furthermore, Shakespeare uses metaphoric language such as: “milk” which is symbolic as the word “milk” conjures an image of femininity, and the colour white is associated to things being pure. However it can be argued that the word “milk” appears again later in the play this time as something unnatural. Furthermore, Shakespeare uses astonishing, dark language to unmask Lady Macbeth true nature from a devoted wife to a medium who calls on the "spirits" to aid her while she prepares to help her husband murder the king. However, it can be argued that calling on the “spirits” to help her show her weakness as she is but a mere woman. Secondly, Lady Macbeth asks the spirits to "unsex" her. Shakespeare’s usage of the word “unsex me” suggests that she is asking to be stripped of everything that makes her a woman. For example: including the "visiting’s of nature” and her reproductive organs. She also asks that her breast milk be exchanged for "gall" or poison. Shakespeare brings to the audience attention through these haunting language and

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