How does shakespeare present power and hatred Essay

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In Act 1 Scene 2, Richard compulsively tries to get Anne to like him. No matter how hard he tries, she denies him, and maliciously bites at him throughout the whole scene. Richard is desperately attempting to woo Anne, however, she hits back hard, by tearing at such sensitive areas as his disabilities. In Act 4, Scene 4, Richard displays his highest sense of power by using abrupt imperatives. He tries his hardest to be nice to Elizabeth. However, she sees straight through him, and once again, it is all thrown straight back at him. She under-pins her hatred throughout the duration of the scene, leaving Richard in a poor state. This scene is completely based around Richard asking for Elizabeth’s permission for Richard to marry her daughter. The first example of power we are shown is in Act 1, Scene 2, when Anne remarks ‘Blush, blush, thou foul lump of foul deformity’. This remark is seen as a ‘cheap shot’ at Richards’s unfortunate disability. Anne also uses such phrases as ‘Foul devil’ to clearly show how much she hates Richard. Anne continuously snaps at Richard with such remarks throughout the scene. These remarks very closely interlink with the usage of hatred in the scenes. After the effect of such remarks, Richard uses the phrase ‘Lady, you know no rules of charity’. Meaning, she knows of no Christian rules. However this is again easily combated with ‘Villain, though knowest nor law of God nor man!’ This is more clear evidence that Richard again has the lower hand in the

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