How Does Shakespeare Present King Henry in Act 4? Essay

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How does Shakespeare present King Henry V in Act 4? This essay is on how Henry is presented in the book/film. There are two particular speeches that I am going to talk about, both with attitudes concerning Henry. Originally the throne of England should have been someone else’s, but Henry V’s father killed Richard and therefore the throne was now with Henry’s father. So when he died, Henry V had the best claim to the throne as he was his son. The people of England became unsure whether Henry V was a suitable King for England. This is because when he was younger he used to get drunk and do silly things that made people not like him. When Henry V became the King, he noticed that people were nervous and unsure about him, therefore him wanted to change that, so he thought for a while and he decided to try and take over France. This was very ambitious idea as it was very dangerous, and if he failed, people would definitely view him as a bad King. This put doubt in his mind because of that. His noble associates backed him to do so; attack France, gain a country under his power and get a wife. So as I begin explaining the speeches, I want you to read carefully and take in what is said, and then compare that with his victory at the end. The first speech begins the Night before The Battle of Agincourt. To have some background to this speech, Henry V went around his camp in disguise to have the soldiers view on the battle. This is because earlier on that day he named his dear friend Bardolph to death because of his crimes against his King. He was hanged because he raided a Holy church. That is why he wondered around the camp, to see if they thought this was a good decision before the battle the next day. Every soldier he talked to was negative about the battle and therefore it created a bad atmosphere around the camp. Henry V is upset by this and pleads to God for

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