How Does Shakespeare Present Caliban to the Audience in the First Two Acts of “the Tempest”?

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English Essay:-Common Assessment 1 How does Shakespeare present Caliban to the audience in the first two Acts of “The Tempest”? I will be writing an essay in which I will mention points Caliban. The points will include how Shakespeare presented Caliban to the audience. I will explore how he is shown as a character and how this influences the audience. One of the main points about Caliban that influences the audience is about Caliban’s appearance, he has often been described as less than human and more of a monster, as a character a lot of his appearance influences how you may think about him, some examples of quotes from the text are “a thing most brutish” or “Not honoured with a human shape:- Here Prospero’s point of view is expressed and the audience is made aware that in Prospero’s eyes Caliban is not that important and a completely different person that doesn’t need to be respected, he treats him badly and insults him so you may think that Prospero needs to treat Caliban better, and not just go on his looks or on the other hand you may think that prospero’s point of view is right and that if he looks hideous he must have a hideous personality aswell. The second point which I would like to make is about Caliban’s status shown in “the tempest” which may also affect the way about how you think about Caliban. In the tempest he is shown as a slave which is of a low status so you may not really respect him as much than you would if he were rich and of a higher status. For example in the story he is pointed out as a slave quite a few times, the quote from the text is “a poisonous salve” or “a lying salve”. Here the audience is getting shown that Caliban doesn’t really need to be respected or that you shouldn’t even trust him because he is a slave of a low status. The next point which I would like to make is about Caliban’s education. He is the son of
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