How Does Rossetti Create Memorable Characters?

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Write about the ways in which Rossetti creates memorable characters in one of her poems. In her poem 'Maude Clare' Rossetti uses contrasts and juxtapositions throughout the poem in order to create memorable characters. In the first stanza, she refers to the bride as a 'village maid' and likens Maude Clare to a 'queen', thus instantly creating the impression that Maude Clare casts ownership over the church with her 'lofty step and mein'. Additionally, the juxtaposition of the Lord being 'pale with strife' and Nell being 'pale with pride' contributes to the naivety of Nells' character by creating the impression that she feels as though she has won the Lord without realising that she does not love her 'best of all'. Furthermore, Rossetti employs reported speech to help create memorable characters as 'Son" Thomas' repeats her names; demonstrating that Maude Clare's presence lingers and that she has make her mark on the newly wed couple. Also, Thomas 'strove to match her scorn with scorn' but 'faltered' thus developing his character's weakness and implying his continuous love for Maude Clare. This is further demonstrated with the use of caesural pause to interrupt direct speech, 'he said - "Maude Clare..."- and hid his face'. Another interpretation is that his stuttering depicts his shame of having had an affair with Maude Clare. Another technique that Rossetti uses to create memorable characters is Maude Clare's repetition of 'half'; this illustrates another side to Maude Clare's seemingly arrogant character 'queen'. It conveys that she feels betrayed and rejected by her 'Lord'; 'Here's my half of the golden chain/ You wore about your neck.' Many critics believe that Maude Clare giving back Thomas' gifts along with the repetition of the plural pronoun 'we' reveal a significant factor of Thomas' character; he is fickle. Therefore, throughout the poem

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