How Does Romans Use Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment The most severe sentence used in our nation is capital punishment, or execution. More than 14,500 confirmed executions have been carried out in America under civil authority. Most Americans will admit that they approve of capital punishment. An “eye for an eye,” if a person can commit a heinous act of murder, or rape he, or she should be punished for that crime by giving his, or her life. The death penalty is considered a deterrent to criminal activity but does it make the execution morally correct or just brutal? A sentence of death has been handed down for centuries. The Greeks and the Romans were the first to implement such punishments. The types of brutal methods that were used consist of but not limited to: being buried alive, boiled in oil, burned, stoned and crucifixion, just to name a few (Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System 2002, p. 316). One of the methods of execution that was used in the 1600’s by the Romans was crucifixion. The offender is secured on a crucifix with his arms and feet bound to the cross. The body is left just hanging until it falls forward and the offender dies from asphyxiation. This was one of the slowest and torturous forms of punishment ever devised (Head, 2009). The Romans would not crucify one offender, he,…show more content…
Executions may increase murder rates because they raise the general violence level in society and because violence prone people identify with the executioner, not with the target of the death penalty. When someone gets in a conflict with such individuals or challenges his or her authority, he, or she will execute them in the same manner the states executes people who violates its rules. Since capital punishment is brutal, some countries have decided to abolish the cruel acts of punishment. They would rather have the offender remain incarcerated than to hand down such a brutal
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