How does Roald Dohl keep his reader interested until the end of the story?

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Roald Dohl uses lots of different techniques to keep the audience gripped to the end of his stories in many of his stores he uses powerful female characters that are in satiation where the power from the male is removed from then and given to the female who end up as a cunning and powerful, which is unexpected from the start of the story. In the three stories “Man from the south, Mrs Bixby and the corneal coat, lamb to the slaughter” all of these story have many traits in common like all having a really deep and detailed story line, which helps to keep the reader hooked and build up suspense. All the story also have a female character somewhere along the line who starts off having no power but end ups having power over the men, expect from Mrs Bixby and the corneal coat where the women thinks she has power over the man but turned out she a puppet in his affair. In “the lamb of the slaughter” the women transforms from being a timid shy women to a very cunning and dark women after killing her husband. In “Man from the south” the power is taken from the man right at the end when a women rushes in to save the young American boy claiming that the man has nothing to his name. Another convention that all three stories is a detailed storyline which is important because it helps increasing the tension of the story and also helps the reader develop a better imagine of what the situation would look like. The detail in “Man from the south” help increase the atmosphere in the story with the way Roald Dahl write the lighter in little separate sentences to make the reader wait to see what is going to happen. Also “lamb to the slaughter” has detail which is used to create a imagine in the reader mind of when Mr Maloney returns home Roald Dahl put in a lot of detail into that part of story so the reader can picture the whisky and the ice clanging off the bottom of the

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