How Does Rising Gas Prices Affect Us

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Colton Scott 07.20.08 Eng101-2DND Essay 9 Gas Effects Everything Rising gas prices in America have had a substantial toll on how Americans live. In 1990 gas prices ranged at about a dollar and a half per gallon. Now, in 2008, gas prices range around four dollars a gallon. Many people complain that these rising gas prices effects how much they travel, but it effects more than that. Prices in gas have changed how much food cost since the transportation of these goods needs gas. This rising tide has also sent the price of rubber and plastic product soaring. Yet, the biggest problem due to these prices is car sales. Transportation of food in America is mainly by semi-trucks or trains. With the cost of diesel gas almost breaking five and a half dollars per gallon, many companies cannot afford to transport their product. The expectation of this effect can only be that the economy will almost literally die; if people don’t first. Everyday food is only one product that is mass transported around the world. With the addition to the rest of the products that are transported this world’s economy seems doomed. Besides gasoline there are many major uses of petroleum – everything from cosmetics to ballpoint pens, nylons, and even the waxes in chewing gum. The Labor Department reported that wholesale prices jumped by 1.8. That is…show more content…
With the drop last month of more than 18 percent, automakers now expect to sell well below 15 million new vehicles this year. Detroit automakers were hit hard. Ford Motors was down 28 percent in June, General Motors was off 18 percent, and Chrysler dropped 36 percent. Even with some factories running at peak capacity, auto companies cannot meet the surging demand for small, fuel-efficient cars. At the same time, manufacturers are slashing production of slow-selling pickup trucks and sport utility

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