How Does Religion Give Meaning To People’S Lives?

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How does religion give meaning to people’s lives? From the beginning of humankind people have been asking the same questions; Why do human beings exist?; Why is there suffering in the world?; What happens to a person after they die?; Questions that can not be answered, even with modern day technology, the aid of science and the ever-growing knowledge of the world; but answers that nonetheless are needed to make sense of and give meaning and purpose to life. The origin of all religions is connected to the timeless search of our existence to humankind. One of the most significant ways in which religion creates meaning for its followers is through the understanding of the purpose of mankind. E.g. Death is understood as the end of mortality, but what people believe comes after varies with each religion. Buddhists believe in reincarnation and that people go on a journey through birth and rebirth, until they eventually break free of the cycle of earthly life. On the other hand, Islamic people believe that they have freedom to do good or evil; those who submit to Allah go to heaven and those who don’t go to hell. Religious beliefs helps people to deal with major life events because it can provide believers with comfort and reassurance, in answering questions that we cannot answer ourselves. Religion offers an understanding of a world that is complex and often uncertain. It shapes people’s understanding of life and offers a path that can bring meaning and coherence to followers. One way religion can reinforce this meaning is through rituals and ceremonies. E.g. Jewish people celebrate a child’s growth into independence with a Bar Mitzvah, while Catholics celebrate it with a Confirmation. However, both ceremonies emphasize different values, the Bar Mitzvah involves young adults reading from the Torah to show their awareness of religious law, whereas, Confirmation

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