How Does Priestley Present Eric in the Play Essay

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How does priestley present Eric in the play? The play “An inspector calls”, was set in the 1912 the year famous for the sinking of the titanic during this time britain suffered social inequality and divided classes it was a period where workers went on strike for food shortages and political tension. the play is about the Birling family who was question by the Inspector Goole.The main theme that the inspector tries to get across is social responsibility through each character Throughout the play we see Eric as a chap who gradually changes his the beginning of the play Preistley descrbed Eric as a “half shy half assertive” this shows that he is uneasy and secretive the use of repetition “half” this shows he rarely speaks out to the rest of the characters, near the end of the play we see Eric personality change because he says “we all helped to kill her-and thats what matters-” At the start we as audience didn’t like Eric but as the play ended we like Eric because he as a character change with Sheila whereas the rest of the characters didn’t. This means That Eric is not shy and speaks out at the end of the play. Eric shares the theme of social responsibility. Eric’s relationship with the other characters,But the one that stands out is Mr Birling because Mr Birling is a capitalist whereas Eric is a socialist at the end of the play Eric says “you’re not the kind of father a chap could go to when he’s in trouble” This implies that Eric is being honest with his father because Mr Birling lacks social responsibility within his family, this suggest that Mr Birling’s the kind of capitalist who just cares about the business, money and social status.on the other hand Eric care about what had happened to Eva Smith and he wants his parents to take the blame in the death of Eva Smith. Another example is when Eric says “You’re beginning to pretend
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