How Does Priestley Create Tension In An Inspector Calls

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“An inspector calls” J.B Priestley’s play ‘’an inspector calls’’ leaves the impression on the audience, no matter what their political views are, that everyone should take responsibility for their own actions. The play was set in 1912 and it leaves a cliff-hanger for the audience as they make their own opinion on who is responsible for ‘Eva smiths’ death as the phone rings, announcing an inspector is on his way!. J.B Priestley crafts a character with selfishness and self centered emotions through the character ‘Mr Birling’. The audience first see this in act one when he says,” a man has to make his own way” but when ‘Eva Smith’ asked for the wage rates to be raised to ‘twenty-five shillings’ a week he refused: ’ I refused of-course’. I think this was wrong of him because Mr Birling has made it in life and had it easy, he does not have to earn a living of a low wage so he doesn’t know what it is like for poor people. H is treating his workers unfairly, this shows how stubborn and greedy he can be. Then later on that same night Mr Birling was very inpatient with the…show more content…
It he trustworthy to take over the company? Eric represents people who are unhappy with their wealth and who are supported by their parents and behave recklessly. He seems to be telling us that this younger generation of upper class people can change and be more fair. Eric is well educated and has some good morals unlike his dad ‘Mr Birling’. Eric used Eva but when she fell pregnant Eric did the right thing and offered her help to solve her money problems. He feels responsible, like Sheila, for what he did to Eva he agrees with Sheila and it doesn’t matter to him whether the inspector was being completely honest or not. This shows he is being responsible; ‘It doesn’t matter to me, the one I know is

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