How Does One Survive in Today’s Economy?

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How Does One Survive in Today’s Economy? Today’s economy is in a big debt. We are running out of resources and prices are constantly going up. For example, gas used to $1.50 ten years ago, now a days it is almost $4.00. That is a high rise in a short period of time. Right now, we are headed to what they call a “Second Great Depression.” Millions of people are losing jobs and homes and are barely getting by each day. This years elections is a big one, America needs to elect a president that will get us out of this crisis and back on the right path. This leads me to the question, “After I graduate high school, will I be able to earn a living on a minimum wage salary?” The answer is simply no. You got your high school diploma and you can finally live on your own, working a 9-5 flipping burgers at McDonalds just won’t cut it these days. In Massachusetts, minimum wage is $8.00 an hour. You can only work a maximum 40 hours a week, which gives you a total of $1,280 a month. Unless you are still living in your parent’s basement, an average one-bedroom apartment or studio in the Greater Boston area is about $1,000 monthly. That is already about 78% of your total income already. If you were smart and took public transportation instead of buying for a car and paying gas for it, you’d save about $230.00. If you take the train or bus, you’ll only pay $70.00 monthly. Each ride is only $2.00 and you can get a Charlie Card. Opposed to a car, monthly cost of gas is about $200.00 per month, filling up an average of four times a month. In addition, car insurance would deduct another $150.00 from your monthly salary. Public transportation saves money and reduces pollution. Groceries would cost about $50.00 a month, not including eating out. Next is the average electricity bill of a single person is about $75.00. That covers your power, cable, phone and internet. This

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