How Does Music Affect People?

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Effects of music on people. By:Maria Pyatakova Personal Project Grade 9 10 June , 2012 1510 words * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Table of Contents. Introduction 3 Positive effects of music on health 4 , 5 , 6 Positive effects on emotions and the brain 7 Blaming music for violence & Conclusion 8 , 9 Bibliography 10 , 11 * Effects of music on people. I've chosen a guiding question «How does music affect people?» for my personal project. I made this choice because for me music has always been a great thing to turn to when things became rough, my favourite songs are the ones that I can relate to, music is something that always stayed the same even though everything else in my life was completely changing. My main goals and hopes are to tell people about the positive effects of music on our body, health, emotions and society; try to prove that the media is wrong for blaming music for violence in today's world and get to know more about my topic. In general, music can be considered to be the six elements : rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, dynamics and form. Music is also used to help people, for example music therapy. But in our modern world, music means different things to different people. Every person has their own tastes, their own specific opinion about it. Music reflects emotions , energies, psychological and physiological states. In my opinion you can't define the word «music» , you can only expirience it. A book «The music Effect» by Daniel J. Schneck and Dorita S. Berger, chapter «What is this thing called music?». * * Positive effects of music on health. Musuc has positive power. It can change attitudes, animate the spirit, amuse, entertain, relax or energize the body. One of

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