How Does Miller Make This Such a Dramatic Ending to All My Sons

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How does Miller make this such a dramatic ending to the play? Using many effects in his writing techniques; Miller finishes his play spectacularly with a dramatic ending which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the last word. Using dramatic irony he slowly unfolds the truth to each character and critically analysing the ending shows the embedded effects Miller uses to achieve this intense conclusion. One way Miller achieves his intense conclusion is in his rapid change of tone. At the beginning of the passage the tone is confrontational. The main characters change into people they were not before. They become argumentative and forceful: “taking his arm” P167. But their feelings towards each other promptly alter, one moment they are emotional, blunt and aggressive and then they feel regretful for what they have done. The last few lines of the play are more emotional and full of regret: “mother, I didn’t mean to-“ P171. The build-up of arguments and confrontation all comes crashing down and the tone suddenly changes to sad making the ending more dramatic: “Joe...Joe…Joe...Joe” P171. Miller’s use of short sentences builds up the drama and Kate’s desperation grows to make sure Chris does not blame himself: don’t dear. Don’t take it on yourself. Forget now.” P171. She does this because she knows that the regret the people she loved felt all ended in death and more regret. She does not want to lose Chris as well. The drama Miller builds up so successfully reaches its peak near the end of the play. The dramatic core of this passage is spoken through Keller. Larry’s letter brings truth to the play and a sudden realisation to Keller. Chris finds it hard to forgive his father after the lies he has fed him: “I can’t look at myself!” P168. This line shows how much Chris was like his brother, Larry. In the letter Larry exclaims how disappointed he is in his
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