How Does Migrant Hostel Relate To Belonging

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Billy Bragg states “I’m trying to make a case for people who don’t have a sense of belonging that they should have, that there is something really worthwhile in having a sense of belonging,” Do you all agree with his statement? I DO! But in order to achieve a sense of belonging, we firstly need to develop a sense of identity within ourselves and be able to accept who we are before we can search for a sense of belonging to the wider world. Hello, to my fellow peers and teachers, my name is Tyron Chappell, as most of you know. I want to ask you, if you have ever felt that you don’t belong and what you consider to be the rewards of achieving a sense of belonging. Today I’m going to discuss the poems, “Migrant Hostel”, “Felix Skrzynecki”…show more content…
The poem deals with the complexities of belonging and the daily struggles of assimilating. The opening line, “No one kept count” shows the reader that the persona and his family are in a negative situation. The emphasis on the ‘no’ highlights the personas tone which is also negative and the lack of order within the hostel. “We lived like birds of passage”, is an example of a pronoun to show that the migrants tried to unite and feel a sense of belonging within another but failed as the persona still feels a sense of not belonging. Pronouns are used throughout the poem to make the reader connect with the persona. “A barrier at the main gate sealed off the highway” consists of the techniques metaphor, symbol and imagery. The technique simile is used throughout the line to inform the reader that there was the possibility of constant change within the camp, which caused uncertainty. Within the poem the persona shows that they want to feel a sense of belonging as they realize that there is a reason to have a sense of belonging but does not as he doesn’t have a sense of identity within himself. Symbolism is used in the line “A barrier” as it is a symbol for obstruction, which causes the migrants to limited decision-making but also constricting them to not belong within the wider Australian

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